Cold Soul - Vol 1

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Frollen Music Library brings you their first edition of Cold Soul, an exploration into the darker and more cinematic side of soul music. Inspired by the exciting sounds of modern soul, FML focusses on hip-hop influenced drum breaks, gritty soulful guitar chanks and sentimental piano lines to bring you these 15 new compositions.

Cold Soul spans a variety of moods, melodies and arrangements on an eclectic mix of instruments such as the Hammond Organ, 60s Harmony guitars, Vintage P-Bass, Vintage Kangaroo-Hide drums, Glockenspiel, Upright Piano and recorded through top of the line Neve-style preamps with vintage microphones.

  • Includes drumless versions in both!

BPM labelled, performed and recorded on real instruments and mixed down to ¼” tape, these compositions are ready to be sampled into your next production.

Please use these in your next production, however, these terms do apply.

Produced by Trio Di Amici

Performed by H. Whitlock, D. Thor & H. Jenkins

Engineered, mixed and mastered by H. Jenkins

All pieces composed by H. Whitlock, D. Thor & H. Jenkins for F.M.L.